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Epsom Salt Bath and Daily Water Intake

Epsom Salts
Baths are excellent to remove toxins and lactic acid build up from the blood and tissues so are to be used:
- after deep massage
- after a strenuous work out or when muscle soreness is felt

Instructions for an Epsom Salt Bath

To draw toxins (i.e. lactic acid) from the body and quickly reduce soreness.

This is an amazingly effective and simple toxin remover that can be used frequently.


  1. Dissolve at least 2 cups of Epsom Salts, available at most drug stores, in a bath filled with water warm enough to make you perspire.  (Really Warm!)                                                                  **It's best if you don't eat for a few hours beforehand. **    ** If you are dirty, take a shower first. **  **Do not add any other substance to your bath such as bubbles or oils.
  1. Drink a cup of water before entering the tub and take another to drink while in the tub.       Soak for 20 minutes at least.     Make sure the sore area is submerged.


  1. Rinse off in warm water.  Drink another cup of water.


4.    Stay warm.  If possible, go to bed for an hour.

        (The best time for an Epsom Salt bath is at bedtime so you can go to bed and rest

             for the night.)

       Caution:  The salt draws water from your body.  You must replace it so the                

                        more water you drink, the better.



Your body weight, divided in half equals the number of ounces to drink.

For ex. 140/2= 70 oz.                70 ounces is between 8 and 9 glasses of water.

Make sure you add a little lemon juice or orange juice or part of an Emergen-C packet to the water so your electrolytes and minerals do not get depleted. 

Some people find it easier to carry a large container of water with them in the car so they know the ounces consumed when the container is emptied.

Minor Dehydration causes headaches,  constipation,  fatigue,  sugar cravings on a daily basis in many people.    It is particularly important to hydrate when taking medications, including diuretics.

Take Charge of Your Water Intake Now!!


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